Formation of the Universe

Formation of the Universe

The entire universe consisted of a single egg. Inside the egg was a dark matter and chaotic energy. Heaven and earth were equal, and everywhere was dark. Time did not pass because there was no concept of time. The pressure exerted by Heaven and Earth on each other increased the energy inside the egg. In the midst of this nothingness, the "Big Bang" took place, Pangu and dark matter were formed from the energy.

Pangu found himself in a universe surrounded by chaos. Thousands of years passed after the big bang, billions of planets were formed, but none of them started life. Dark matter was pervading the universe day by day while chaos was increasing. The universe had come from infinity and was going to infinity. 

Pangu was so tired of battling against dark matter and realized that dark matter didn't want to destroy him, it just wanted to take over himself. If it just wanted to kill, maybe it would have killed already. To understand why, Pangu went on a journey through the universe and took a long rest and thought. He finally found the reason for it. His own body would give life to the universe, and in fact, life would begin with his own death. That's why dark matter didn't want Pangu to die, he wanted to control it. If the only solution was to kill himself, Pangu would have made him there that minute, but then life would only begin on the planet or planets where Pangu died. A second big bang had to occur for life to begin in the entire universe.

Pangu made his plan. It looked like he was no longer fighting against the dark matter, but running away from it. The faster dark matter spread throughout the universe, the more chaotic energy would increase and the base for the big bang would be formed.

Pangu was now also tired of running, and chaos was weakening his mobility. He sat on a planet and began to rest. “Death for life,” he said to himself. He gathered as much strength as he could and allowed dark matter to take over himself.

Now it's time. Before the dark matter took over his entire being, he defied for the last time with all his might. The universe shook, planets collided, supernovas occurred, and the second big bang occurred.

Pangu's body formed the universe. Pangu's hair and eyebrows formed planets and stars, and his eyes formed solar systems. His flesh turned into soil on planets, and his blood into oceans and rivers. Precious stones and minerals were formed from his teeth and bones. The parasites that lived on him turned into life forms on the planets. While Pangu was making all these plans, he was determining the physical laws of the new universe that would emerge after him and setting rules for the gods that will rise after him. The gods of all planets would come to life in Limbo and choose sides. They would either obey dark matter or follow his path. The god who chose sides would never change sides again, and would never appear again on his planet when his age expired. The gods who broke the rules would be cursed in Limbo. Pangu wanted to be fair and planned to establish a universe order, knowing that dark matter would never perish.

Pangu was sure that these concepts would definitely be transferred to other creators who came to life with his body after him, and this came true. Pangu's body not only gave life to the universe. The energy released by the second big explosion combined with parts of his body to form the Phoenix, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Giant Black Tortoise. The Giant Black Tortoise began to shape the universe by Pangu's rules, as the White Tiger ascended the Iron Sword mountain located in Limbo, guarding the birthplace of the gods. The Phoenix was providing all communication and checking whether the rules were followed in the universe. The Blue Dragon, on the other hand, went on a journey into the void, and no one heard from him again.

Thus, life began on different planets in the universe; just like on Earth, Delyum, Gazyon, Matun, and thousands of planets in different galaxies. Gods began to be born in galaxie s. Among them were those who obeyed dark matter, and those who followed the path of Pangu; just like Ra. Ra was not just the god of a planet. Ra was a galaxy god and could rule the Sun. Because he saw himself as different from other gods, he did not want to disappear when his age was over. He wanted to rule the Earth and all the planets in the Solar system. Ra wanted to be resurrected after his death and began to defy Pangu's rules. He considered himself superior to Pangu and never believed in the curse. Succumbing to his arrogance, Ra was cursed by the Phoenix and imprisoned in Limbo…