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Infinite Strategic Posibilities

Ra’s chess is an online multiplayer strategic card game. While being easy to learn with its deep strategic components makes it hard to master. Main objective of Ra’s Chess is to defeat your opponents forces and hero by strategic turn-based combat. Each players can move and attack once per turn. There four heros with unique abilities and each player has standart forces

Infused mechanics with cards and chess

Each one of your minions has well-thought unique attack and movement ranges. In the game which makes players use their decks carefully depending on the turn and their mana, tiniest mistakes can cost you the game while smallest advantages can turn the tide. The very core of the game is inspired by chess which it gets it’s deep tactical strategies.

Unique Minions

Designed for different puposes and with unique abilities, both players have total of nine minions in their disposal they can command to victory on a hex based board.

Special movement and combat

It’s all about positioning! Take the best position possible and bring demise to your enemy!

No pay to win

With a system that is distant from a pay to win system, expand your library of cards only by playing the game.

It’s a trap

Catch your opponents by suprise by activating your trap cards on the board.

In game Treasure Chests

Unique and powerful cards that can not be added to your library! Add some spice to your hand with the treasure chests that spawns on the board but be wary of the traps that they hold. Everything comes with a price.

No pay to win

With four different rarities (common, rare, epic, legendary) of cards expand your deck. While all can be used by all heros, it’s up to you to find the best synergies between heros and cards.

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