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Our game, which we have developed with the support of our angel investors for more than 2 years, has now completed the Alpha-beta process. In this process, over 100,000 players visited our Steam page. We organized tests and tournaments in internet cafes, we introduced our game in Gstar Korea, and ChinaJoy China. We are currently preparing for the Closed Beta as a team. 

Our game, which we have developed with the support of our angel investors for more than 2 years, is currently in the Alpha-beta phase. Our game is an online turn-based strategic card collecting game (Turn-Based Strategy CCG). There is a chessboard-like battlefield where players take turns making their moves. The aim of the game is to destroy the opponent's hero. The troops that each hero depends on have different combat characteristics. Some units have a wide range of movement but low defenses, while some units have a narrow range of movement but have a high attack force. 

The most important feature that distinguishes Age Of Cards from similar card games is that you don't just build a strategy on cards in the game. You can prepare different strategies in the decks you created before entering the match. If you wish, you can choose cards that can give additional features to your units in the game, or you can make a deck with cards that directly target the opposing player. The important thing is to dominate the board and position your troops well. 

Each card has a mana value. When it's your turn, you can only move one of your troops and use cards that cost up to 5 mana. You have to set up your strategy completely according to this. In every 5th hand, a treasure appears in the middle area and there are very valuable cards in that treasure. Here you will battle to seize the treasure. But there may be traps around the treasure, and you can lose units while capturing the treasure. 

Our aim in our investment search is to enlarge our team, prepare 3D models of the units in the game, complete rigging and animations, activate the single-player story mode, complete the infrastructure works for mobile and playstation platforms, and make preliminary preparations for the company and crowdfunding that we will open for kickstarter in the USA. 




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We are currently in the process of seeking angel investors.