Fast Beginning

Fast Beginning

Welcome to the world of Age of Cards! In this article, I will provide you with information so that you can quickly get used to the game. Let's get started without wasting any time:

There are two sections in the main menu that are available for beta testing.


Library: From this section, you can see your existing decks and create new personal decks. On the screen that opens, there are options to add decks, edit existing decks and delete decks.

Casual: It is the only game mode open during the beta testing period. It allows to play a one-on-one match with a bot against another player, if there is no player at that moment. Choose your deck and start the match now, that's all!

When we enter the casual section, we see the deck selection screen. From here, you can choose from the standard decks created for you, or you can use the custom decks you have prepared before.

After choosing your deck and finding a match, let's move on to the mechanics you need to know during the game:

The player with the first turn in the game does not draw in his first turn and starts with two cards in his hand. At the beginning of each subsequent round, players draw one card (if any) from their deck.


The first screen that appears when the match starts is the card selection. The remaining two cards will be kept, provided that each player returns one of the 3 random cards to their own deck. If no selection is made during the period, a random card is returned to the deck. The first player to start the game is randomly determined. The player with the first turn in the game does not draw in his first turn and starts with two cards in their hand. At the start of each subsequent turn, players draw one card (if any) from their deck.



Mana is a unit that players must pay in order to use their cards. In the lower left corner are the blue circles around the hero portrait. Each player has zero mana on their first turn, and each subsequent turn increases by one to be fixed at a maximum of 5 mana.

Turn Limits and Turn Time

When it is a player's turn, the actions that he can take in their turn are limited. These limits are regardless of order: one move, one attack, and playing as many cards as mana. All of these limits can be used until the end, or a round can be passed without using any of them, this option is completely left to the player. The player who decides to finish their turn can transfer the turn to their opponent by pressing the "End Turn" button on the right of the screen. There is a 60 second limit for each round. If the player's turn time ends without pressing the button, the round automatically ends and the turn passes to the other player.



When the battle between the pieces takes place, a calculation takes place to determine which piece will die and which piece will have how many lives. During battle, the attack values of both pieces deal damage to the opponent's health. Minions with zero health will be destroyed. If the piece whose health is reduced to zero is a main character (King piece), the match ends with the defeat of that player.


Game History

There is a section that shows which cards were played in previous rounds and which battles took place. Every action taken is added to the top of the game history on the left side of the screen. When the mouse is hovered over the history information shown as small boxes, it also allows to see details such as which effect has targeted which stone or which minion has received how much damage.

You are now ready to play. Search for a match and experience much more!