1) Delyum: Primitive, very ancient planet from the stone age

2) Earth: The world in the era we live in now

3) Gazyon: The empire of the galaxy system.

4) Matun: The second largest planet after Gazyon

5) Purgatory: The planet where no one can rule.

Planet Delyum (Primal Planet)

  • A planet that has nothing to do with space technologies.
  • A planet orbiting the star Proxima Centauri at a distance of 4.2 light years from Earth.
  • It has an Earth-like structure. It is smaller than Earth in terms of surface area.
  • Its development, biodiversity is almost the same as on Earth. But there is a much greater variety of wild animals than on Earth.
  • There are dinosaurs, gigantic animals, dragonkins.
  • There are gods and demigods, who have taken an energy form that has come into existence thanks to the higher instincts and concentrated brainpower energies of some of the creatures that have evolved over billions of years. The communication of dragons and gigantic animals with gods and demigods is very strong.
  • Gods and Demigods can control animals.
  • The gods know about Gazyon.
  • Predators, dinosaurs and dragonkins are very powerful, and they are many in number.
  • Although it is thought to be a primitive planet, they actually carry the genes of living things that have existed in the universe for billions of years. He evolved and became resistant to many forces in the universe and his intuitive powers developed.


  • It is in today's technology.
  • Advanced level in virology. It can produce all kinds of viruses in a laboratory environment. They've developed a virus that can destroy cyanobacteria, and they're hiding it on the Norwegian island of Svalbard.
  • Other planets do not want to directly target the Earth because of its advanced level in virology, even if it is not at the top of the field in technology.
  • They are in contact with the planet Gazyon (Empire) and they have an agreement. Thanks to this deal, Gazyon does not attack Earth. Although the spacecraft of the planet Gazyon are often seen by people in the sky, these agreements are not told and the facts are hidden.

Gazyon Planet (The Empire)

  • They're at the cutting edge of technology and can use wormholes. However, due to this situation, they have the problem of time warping, and some creatures from the past emerge unexpectedly.
  • A young 20-million-year-old planet orbiting 51 Eri B star in the constellation Eridanus, located 96 light-years from Earth.
  • Although there are many rivers on this planet in the Eridanus constellation, they cannot use water well.
  • They have occupied all 3 planets named Trappist-1c, d and e, which have water in the Trappist 1 system, 39 light years from Earth, and they have been drying them out over time.
  • They were at war with other space colonies. They won the war and became the Emperor of the Galaxy. They were able to control the time warp and defeat Matun. They developed gigantic machines that created huge gravitational waves and pulled the Matun troops there, causing them to shrink in time, expelling them at the moment of death of a star that would die in the very distant future, causing them to perish.
  • This war caused great damage to their planet and the water resources on the planet began to dry up.
  • In about 300,000 years, water shortage will begin. With the water shortage, internal conflicts will arise and the planet will rapidly progress towards the end.
  • All water resources are expected to be finished within 1 million years.

Planet Limbo (between Death and Life)

  • A planet where no one can rule and where there are living things caught between death and life.
  • The gods who do not abide by the rules set by Pangu, the creator of the universe, are punished here.
  • According to the rule set by Pangu; After a god died, he couldn't resurrect himself. Ra, one of the gods of planet Earth, was the first god to break this rule, and he was cursed and imprisoned in limbo.
  • Medieval atmosphere. There is life here too, but there is no concept of time.
  • They have colonies.

Planet Matun (Enemy of the Empire) Kepler-62e

  • They also are at the cutting edge of technology.
  • One of the 5 planets orbiting the star at a distance of 1200 light years from Earth.
  • Like other planets, the evolution of the living did not take long. Research has proven that life came to their planet with an asteroid from another galaxy. The evolution process took place very quickly, and they have bodies and organs resistant to high gravitational force, highly radiation-resistant skin, and highly developed lenses that can easily see long distances.
  • They were at war with the Empire. Despite losing the war, they inflicted great damage on the planet Gazyon.
  • They are way ahead in artificial intelligence. They have bases on planets near and far that can build warships and robots. They can transfer consciousness to robots and take control.
  • There is life based on carbon, but thanks to the evolution they have undergone, they get their nourishment by taking the rich minerals from the atmosphere of the planet they live in, with their skin.
  • Their sole purpose is to destroy Gazyon and first capture their own galaxy systems and then attack other galaxy systems.
  • He uses many planets for his own benefit. They have bases, especially on planets with radioactive elements, and they test the artificial intelligence they have developed on these bases and colonize robots. Thanks to their radiation-resistant skins, these planets are far from the eyes of the Gazyon empire, while developing new technologies, they also store military power.
  • They receive power and support from Dark Matter. There are Gods on their planet who worship Dark Matter and offer their allegiance.