Main Story

Main Story

Gazyon is coming to an end due to the drying up of its water resources. Therefore, they have to invade a planet with the closest water sources to them.

There are planets "Earth" and "Delyum" closest to it, which have vast water resources that they can quickly settle and rebuild.

Before deciding to invade Earth, Gazyon (Emperor) attacked Delyum (Primitive planet). Attacks must be carried out after entering the atmosphere. The atmosphere layer in the outermost layer of Delyum is intensified by the powers of the gods, thus absorbing the rays from outside. Spaceships break apart if they try to enter. Bombs also melt in the atmosphere, like meteor showers, with the friction of the dense atmosphere.

When spaceships enter in a controlled manner, they are attacked by predators or dragons that have become resistant to all kinds of invasions in the universe.

The Gods on this primeval planet, the animals they control, dragons and volcanic eruptions do not allow invasion. Birds of prey and dragons smash spaceships in attacks from the air by entering the atmosphere. It is impossible to outrun the dinosaurs in attacks from the ground. The communication network in dinosaurs is faster than animals on earth communicate by sound. In addition, a certain part of their brain can detect the target instantly by emitting magnetic waves at the speed of light.

There are countless volcanic eruptions with the magnetic field formations of gods and dinosaurs and the reshaping of the Earth. These volcanic eruptions do not allow land movement.

Gazyon cannot invade Delyum, the most primitive planet, and has been giving great losses for this cause for thousands of years. For this reason, Gazyon's emperor reluctantly stopped attacking Delyum and decided to invade Earth.  

In 1962, NASA's communication with the planet Gazyon began when a Gazyon spacecraft crashed into the Earth. The incident was immediately covered up in the press.

The Emperor of Gazyon planet sets a 50-year evacuation to Earth. It says that the families that rule the world, scientists, and 100 million chosen people can live in the New World. All other people will be killed. 

If the Earth does not accept this offer, the world will be invaded and not a single human will survive. 

The world's leading families, the CIA and other secret organizations accepted the offer. The president of the time, John Kennedy, did not accept the offer and resisted.


Kennedy does not want to hide this fact any longer, the pressure on him is increasing day by day and he now wants to reveal this fact to the public. He believes that this problem is not an issue that can only be resolved by bargaining behind the secret doors with the presidents of 6 countries. It is determined to share this problem with all the countries of the world. 

Kennedy is very determined and wants to announce this fact to the whole world in 1963 in Dallas. Pressures cannot deter Kennedy. However, Kennedy gets assassinated and dies on the day he makes a statement in Dallas.

After Kennedy's death, America, Russia, China, India, England and Korea meet; They talk about the new world order, life with aliens and the choice of 100 million people.

The established commission is chaired by the space scientist Professor Wallis and the virology expert Professor Kumar. Professors think that surrender will not be the only solution. If Gazyon has to invade another planet, does it just have to be Earth? Another planet with the same conditions as Earth may be found and he argues that Gazyon may invade it. Professor Kumar, on the other hand, conveys to the commission information about the viruses they have and that the probability of the Earth being defeated in a possible biological war is low.

The Commission contacts the Gazyon Emperor. The Emperor says that they have explored the entire galaxy and that there is "Earth" with large water beds that they can rebuild close to themselves, and Delyum, a planet much more primitive than Earth, and describes their wars with Delyum for thousands of years.

Professor Wallis wants detailed information about this planet and a period of 24 months. Gazyon Empire shares all the data and reminds the commission that this deadline is final. This period suits the emperor as he must plan how to deal with Earth in a possible biological warfare.

Professor Wallis and his team see that all the formations and conditions of the Delyum planet are the same as Earth. The formation process of dinosaurs, the formation process of the terrain and natural events. It's as if this Delyum is a primordial parallel planet of Earth. 

In this case, a large asteroid will probably hit the planet in 10,000 to 30,000 years and all life will be destroyed.

In this case, Gazyon can invade the planet after this asteroid impact by not going to war and not killing anyone.

All data is shared with the Emperor. The Emperor shares the investigations with the scientists and it is concluded that the thesis is correct.

Delyum is a primitive parallel planet of Earth. Thus, there is no need to fight Delyum or invade Earth again. The professor was relieved. He focuses on his studies and enters parallel universe research with his team.

This news creates great happiness in the emperor and the prominent families of the world. The Emperor of Matun Planet, one of Gazyon's main enemies, gets very angry at this situation. All their plans are for Gazyon Planet to start suffering from water shortages and internal conflicts. In this case, Matun, the second largest planet in the galaxy, will become the head of the system. 

The Matun emperor hatches a treacherous plan. He thinks that if the water resources of the planet Gazyon begin to run out before expected, Gazyon will again go to war because he will have no other choice.

The Gazyon emperor and his brother are not on good terms. The Gazyon Emperor's brother thinks that he is more talented and that the empire is his right.

Matun empire takes advantage of this situation and makes a deal with the emperor's brother. Massive underground water resources will be attacked and the blame will be placed on the rebels. If their water reserves fall below 100,000 years, the planet Gazyon will have to go to war with Earth or Delyum. In addition, they will face the rebels who they think are drying up their water resources, and on the one hand, internal conflict will arise.

Planet Matun carries out the emperor's treacherous plan with his brother, attacks water resources and inflicts serious damage. There is also a fierce conflict between the rebels and the Empire. 

The Emperor is having a hard time. He has made a deal with the world and he does not want to be on the side that breaks this agreement. The Emperor communicates with Earth and explains this situation. The committee proposes to assist the emperor in destroying Delyum. With Earth's biological support, Delyum can be easily destroyed.

Gazyon and the world make a deal. Gazyon will establish a special base in Area 51 in the Nevada desert of America and direct the attacks from there. In order to attract the attention of the world to different places, great wars will be waged in the Middle East. All the plans made are about the reduction of the world population, internal conflicts and war.

Upon learning of this agreement, the Matun emperor is disappointed once again. He must definitely break the agreement between Earth and Gazyon and seize Earth's biological weapons.

The Matun emperor communicates with Russia and China. He wants the deal with Gazyon to end and the Earth and planet Matun to make a deal. In return, America and Europe will be excluded in the new world order. Matun will not interfere in the internal affairs of the world and Russia and China will rule the whole world. Russia and China accept the offer.

The planet Matun, with the help of the Gazyon emperor's brother, sends a meteor shower to Earth from Gazyon's secret war base located very close to the solar system. The emperor's brother has betrayed his brother once again.  

The commission investigating where the meteor shower came from realizes that Gazyon came from the defense base, which has not been seen in any satellite telescope previously reported. Even if the meteor shower will not cause much damage to the Earth, the trust of the commission is shaken and they cannot understand the purpose of this incitement attack.

Spaceships are seen next to the meteor shower. These spaceships are the ships of the planet Matun. Matun's army destroys the meteor shower without any danger.

The United States, Britain, Korea, China, Russia and India conduct emergency assessments. As a result of the pressure exerted by China and Russia on the council, the agreement with Gazyon is desired to be cancelled.  

The Gazyon emperor simply cannot make sense of all this. He sends his brother to contact Earth while dealing with health problems and civil war. He asks him to convey that the attack was not done by the planet Gazyon and that the incident will be investigated.

The emperor's treacherous brother comes to Earth and, on the contrary, accepts the attack and threatens the Earth. Relationships have come to a breaking point.

Immediately after this meeting, the head of the planet Matun communicates with Earth and promises them protection. The Emperor of Gazyon will not be able to attack Earth in any way. Matun Planet will protect them from a possible attack. Planet Matun, the plans of Russia and China have been worked out to the letter. 

The Gazyon emperor is at civil war with the rebels. If he fights against the planet Matun in a possible attack on the world, he will not be able to receive support from the galaxy system. Already inside, the rebels inflict very serious wounds.

On the other hand, the plan of the Matun president is very different. He will use Earth for the invasion of the primordial planet Delyum, after the invasion he will end his pact with Earth and invade Earth as well. During this time, Gazyon Empire will lose and the head of Matun will become the new emperor.