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An Adventure Full of Cards: Age of Cards Ra’s Chess Coming Soon!

Are you ready to embark on a unique adventure in the enchanted world of cards? Step into the mesmerizing realm of ” Age of Cards:Ra’s Chess ” and prepare for an unforgettable journey! Adding “Age of Cards” to your wishlist … Read More

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Steam Demo

🎮 Hey gamers! We’re thrilled to announce that the demo for our game “Age of Cards” is now available on Steam! 🃏 “Age of Cards” offers a feast for strategy and card game enthusiasts. Set in a rich universe, this game will … Read More

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Age of Cards Ra’s Chess Discord Channel Now Live! 🔥

The new and exciting Ra’s Chess Discord channel for Age of Cards is now active! Our Ra’s Chess community is a fantastic place for strategy enthusiasts. Join this channel for discussions about the game, strategy sharing, tournaments, and much more! … Read More

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Age of Cards: Magical Card World Demo Now Available!

Demo Excitement Begins! The demo version of our eagerly anticipated game, Age of Cards, is finally here! You can now step into the world of magical cards starting today. We’re thrilled to bring this fantastic experience to players worldwide! Also, don’t … Read More

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KickStarter Campaign Started

KickStarter Kampanyamız başladı! Sizlerinde desteğiyle oyunumuzu çok daha iyi bir yere getireceğimize emin olabilirsiniz. Age Of Cards çok yakın bir zaman içinde Steam’de Early Access olarak yayın hayatına başlayacak. Oyunu mobile port etmek , 3D modelleri değiştirmek ve yapay zeka … Read More

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250$ Steam Key

250$ Steam Key Age Of Cards açılışa özel toplamda çekilişle 250$ değerinde steam kodu ve “Forum Moderatörlüğünden CEO’luğa” ebookunu ücretsiz hediye ediyor. Yapmanız gereken tek şey landing sayfamızı ziyaret etmek ve kayıt olmak. Sende Katıl

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KickStarter Çok yakında kickstarterda muhteşem kampanyalarla karşınızda olacağız. Birbirinden özel, sadece kickstarter’a özel paketleri kaçırmamak için şimdiden bizi takibe alabilirsiniz. Sizlerinde desteğiyle oyunumuzu çok daha iyi bir yere getireceğimize emin olabilirsiniz. Age Of Cards çok yakın bir zaman içinde Steam’de … Read More

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Steam Statistics

Alpha Play Test Report on Steam During the Alpha beta process, our store page was visited by 105,500 different players. Many players are waiting for our game and following us right now, before we even start marketing. This shows that we are on the right track. In September 2023… Read More

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We were at the 2023 ChinaJoy Game Exhibition

Far East Trip We met with 22 publishers in 3 different cities in 12 days. We attended the ChinaJoy game exhibition held in July 2023. We attended the "ChinaJoy" game fair held in China. Here we showed our game to the publishers and got their suggestions. After Shanghai, we went to Beijing and the game is in China. Read More

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Internet Cafe Tests

Internet Cafe Tests Players who like card games tested our game all day long at Çanakkale Beta Internet Cafe. We received feedback from the players and we completed the first stage of our server tests. “I really enjoyed the game, I think it can be successful if it continues to be developed” Tournament Day … Read More

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