Internet cafe tests

Internet cafe tests

In Çanankkale Beta Internet Cafe, we met with card-lovers and tested our game. With this we not only got some productive feedback, we also completed our first phase of tests.

“I really enjoyed the game, I believe it will be successful if kept deveolped.’’


In the evening we organised a tournament between our testers with a varierty of gifts to our winners. From what we could see they seemed to enjoyed the game.

Our testing countinuous in different cities of Turkey. Most recently we organised a tournament in Çanakkale/Beta eSports Kafe. While our game admins were getting feedbacks from testers, our technical staff managed the servers all day. 

All 32 of our testers played the game total of 108 hours without any problems during machmaking, loby and tournament. This part was the most exciting part for us. 

We can say with full confidance that we are ready for bringing our testing to bigger platforms.

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